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Buyside Business Brokering

Midway Business Brokerage also offers a buyside broker option for our buyers, helping them acquire the right business. Shopping for a business can be tedious, you will spend countless hours searching “Business for Sale” websites, asking friends if they know of anyone selling a business, you will make lists of candidates etc.

But with each business you find that there is something missing and that it is not the right fit for you. You wind up feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Consider having Midway Business Brokerage do the work for you by performing a tailored buyer search for a business that fits your goals.

Here is a list of things we can do for you:

  • Gather, analyze and assess your acquisition criteria
  • Develop potential target lists
  • Contact & screen potential Businesses for sale
  • Value target companies
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between parties
  • Advise and assist you in meetings and negotiations as necessary
  • Negotiate the deal

When you contract us to perform a buyer’s search for you, we will focus on finding a business that fits your criteria. We have access to various deals including off market deals where the seller does not want to list their business due to concerns that customers, employees and suppliers would find out and the business would suffer.

With a specific buyer search, the chances of finding a business that meets your specific needs improves significantly. Sellers are much more attracted to having a specific qualified buyer on hand as opposed to having to sort through a list of potential buyers.

There are several pieces of information that we would ask you to provide us in order to begin the buyer search process.

  1. Clear and specific requirements for an acceptable acquisition – we need to know the target industry, size range, geographical location, cash flow range, and your investment range.
  2. Background information on yourself for example your current line of business, your experience etc.
  3. Proof of funds from you or your investors.

When you sign up for our buyside service, we take an upfront retainer fee which is credited towards the purchase of the business. The buyer will be responsible for the commission at closing. This process makes it more appealing to the business seller since it eliminates the need for them to sign a listing agreement.

If you want to save your search time and relieve some frustration, consider contracting Midway Business Brokerage to perform your buyer search services. Call us today so we can set you up as a prospective business buyer or we can arrange a meeting with our business brokers to discuss how we tailor the process to meet your goals.

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